Mar. 14th, 2009

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Clarion South was a great time for me and I learned a lot.   There were a few problems because of tutor cancellations (due to illness), but the organisers did a great job organising new tutors for us at short notice.  Now the organisation that runs Clarion South is having some financial problems.  Kate Eltham says ..

“We encountered a string of rotten luck in delivering the latest Clarion South workshop, the Australian version of Clarion Writers Workshop. Not only was our contract with our original university venue cancelled at short notice, requiring us to find a new and more expensive home, but we had a raft of unexpected cancellations from visiting teachers. “We’re proud of the way we handled these challenges to deliver another successful workshop in 2009, but financially it wiped us clean. We’d love your help and support to refill the coffers so that we can plan for our future workshops and put Clarion South on a more stable financial footing. Thank you! We’re just a bunch of volunteers but we’re incredibly passionate about Clarion South and would like to see it thrive and continue into the future.”

Donate to Clarion South

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