Mar. 23rd, 2009


Mar. 23rd, 2009 11:30 am
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I'm in Melbourne at the moment.  Having fun catching up with lots of friends.
I met the Melbourne Clarionites (plus the Tasmanian Clarionite!) for drinks at a rooftop bar on Friday night.   Then some of us went out for Vietnamese afterwards.  Was a fun evening.

I've been staying with a friend from university (who is even more than an ubernerd than I am - he has a robot equipped with webcam that patrols around the house).  On the weekend I stayed with a friend from primary school.  It's good to see old friends again.

On Saturday I went to see Watchmen on the IMAX screen.  If you're going to be subjected to the sight of blue genitalia, it should be at least IMAX sized.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  My friends weren't so impressed with it.

Also visited the State Library.  I love the Reading Room.  There was an interesting exhibition on at the library.  On the history of books and ideas.  Lots of  impressive old books were on display.

Melbourne's public transportation is a lot worse than 5 years ago.  I used to take the train to work all the time and the trains were fairly reliable.  This time almost every train I've tried to take has been cancelled or delayed.  One train was even delayed due to a dog fight - a man boarded the train with 2 dogs and for some reason the dogs went berserk and attacked each other.  Mass panic ensued as people tried to escape the battling pooches.  (I wasn't on the train, but I got the story from someone who was).  The police met the train at the next station.


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