Oct. 18th, 2009

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Inspired by [info]jasonfischerposting of some of his earlier efforts at fiction writing (http://jasonfischer.livejournal.com/233256.html) I dug up some of my the books I wrote in primary school.

I wrote Desert Crash in 1983 (when I was 9).

In the E-Space Universe (I was a big Doctor Who fan) there was a planet called Jonestar.  It was a large planet with two big bright suns, sparkling lakes and blue skies.  It had beautiful cities with shops of all sorts.  Jonestar had a weapon area which was a big piece of land with an unbreakable dome over it.  All the weapons were stored in there.  The townspeople didn't need weapons there weren't any robbers or murderers on Jonestar.  (How is that for world-building?)
One day, in the year 2978, a dreadful thing happened.  A disease struck.  It was Zarcdon Blarblisters.  Zarcdon Blarblisters is a terrible disease that kills people!  There is only one antidote and that is found on Jirojumps.  Jirojumps is a huge planet in another universe many millions of light years away.

[ So brave Captain Fungus McGreen leads a crew in search of Jirojumps and the antidote.  Along the way they get sucked into a black hole, encounter a spaceship graveyard and are attacked by killer robots.]

The robots were lumbering with big heavy guns and the men were dodging laserfire and shooting back at the robots too.  The leader of the robots was A77.  A77 was ten feet tall and all gold.  He was standing on a little flying platform.  There were 7500 robots and 2070 men.  (It's good to be specific). After 2 hours the men were all gone except 7 men.  They were Fungus McGreen, Dr. Jones, Mack McMeen, Dr. Jarbodian, Zim, Zack and Arang.  There were 6070 robots left.

[They escape from the robots by hiding in a cave, where they conveniently find a teleporter.]

Later they reached a time warp.  Now in all time warps there is a Warp God.  You have to battle him in combat.  To win you have to kill him or he kills you.  Fungus McGreen and the other three descended and landed the ship in the warp.  They came out carrying their guns.  Within a second a Warp God appeared.  He was wearing gold clothes and had a brownish beard.  The Warp God raised his finger and Zack disappeared in a puff of smoke.  Arang shot at the Warp God but to no avail.  The laser did no harm.  The Warp God raised his finger and Arang disappeared in a puff of white smoke.  Dr. Jones who had a different gun, which was filled with a special liquid called Fenx, fired his gun and the Warp God crumbled into a heap on the ground. (The origins and uses of Fenx are not at all explained).

[The journey continues.  They are attacked by a spaceship with prongs that grab missiles fired at it and throw them back.]

[They finally get to Jirojumps, a desert planet where they are attacked by giant earthworms.  (I hadn't read Dune and this was before the movie, but somehow I was influenced by it). They have to navigate an acid sea filled with monsters.  Then a forest full of trees with laser guns.  Then they finally get the antidote, but Fungus McGreen is killed by a hairy animal with a machine on its back that throws bombs.  The others make it home with the antidote and become heroes].



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