Jun. 1st, 2009

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From July I’m going on a 3-month vacation.  I’m flying to Japan and visiting friends in Osaka.

Then I’m taking the ferry to Shanghai.  (It takes 2 days by ferry) and visiting a friend there.

Then I’m doing some sightseeing around China (pandas and terracotta warriors).

I’m joining up with a small group tour that starts in Beijing and goes for 3 weeks.  We take the train to Mongolia and stop in Ulan Baatar for a couple of days.  Then onto the Russia and the Trans-Siberian Express.  A couple of stops along the way to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

After that I’ll be exploring by myself, travelling through Eastern Europe – the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria and lots of other countries.

It’s a while since I’ve gone on a long trip, so I’m really looking forward to doing some more travelling.

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Go to NatCon in Adelaide.

Finish my YA fantasy novel.

Write 3 new short stories.

Finish editing my Clarion stories.

Finish my book about Japan.

Finish my eBook for the iPhone.

Learn the Cyrillic Alphabet.

Learn basic Mandarin.

Learn basic Russian.

Work out where I’m going to visit in Eastern Europe.

Add some photo galleries to my web site.


* Warriors of Medieval Japan

* The Historian

* Mao: The Unknown Story

* Soon I Will Be Invincible

* City of Saints & Madmen

* Monkey

* Bridge of Birds

* The Master & Margarita

* Stalingrad

* Putin’s Russia

* What I’d Say to the Martians

* Snake Agent

* The Hard-Boiled Wonderland & the End of the World


Learn how to write more realistic To Do Lists.

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